Nucl3o Laboratory was founded to provide the CBD industry with high quality hemp based CBD extracts and to provide hemp farmers with a reliable, high quality laboratory to help monetize their crop. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism and quality products possible. We have an organic chemist supervising the set up and operation of the lab as well as the formulation and production of products. Our lab technicians are highly trained and we supply the attention to detail needed to produce consistent products of the highest quality.

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CBD Crude Oil

Winterized & Decarbed

A truly full spectrum hemp crude oil. We use ethanol to process hemp biomass and then submicron

filtration to remove fats, lipids and sugars. Our entire process is cryogenic producing the cleanest and highest potency crude on the market.


CBD Distillate

After extracting our clean and high potency crude we further refine it into CBD distillate. Our distillate contains a rich array of secondary cannabinoids as well as high levels of CBD.


CBD Isolate

Our high quality distillate can then be further concentrated into virtually pure CBD. Our CBD isolate is a crystalline solid or powder that contains upwards of 99% pure CBD.  Isolate is a popular and easy way to add CBD to a wide range of products



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Premium CBD Extract

Our in-house organic chemist, strict cyrogenic temperature control system, sub-micron filtration process and best practices protocol ensures that Nucl3o's premium CBD crude, distillate and isolate is among the highest quality in the industry.

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Hemp Farmer Tolling

Nucl3o is proud to work with hemp farmers who want to convert their hemp biomass to a variety of hemp extracts. Our state-of-the-art facility gives farmers the opportunity to maximize their hemp harvest profit potential.

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Custom Formulations

The CBD industry is ever-changing and dynamic, and your brand and customers are unique! Shouldn’t your products be? We'll work closely with your team to produce a CBD product created exclusively for your company and sales needs. 




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To inquire about employment opportunities with Nucl3o, please send your resume to: gabby@nucl3o.com

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